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360° Continuous Mist Flairosol Spray Bottle 8Oz



This mist spray bottle has 360 Degree Spraying Capabilities – You can spray this bottle upside down without leakage or loss of quality, making all areas easily accessible.

This mist spray bottle distributes water evenly – It provides the perfect amount of water to properly saturate the hair without getting clogged, this is allows you to touchup your curly hair styles or bed-head hair in the morning.

This mist spray bottle is Airless – Which means a longer shelf life, no contamination, and no odors if not in use for several days.

This mist spray bottle has Continuous Spray – Creating a stream of continuous mist that lasts a few seconds, this creates greater coverage for larger areas in a shorter time span.

This mist spray bottle has a 99% Bottle Evacuation – Meaning that you can spray until the water is completely gone.

This Mist Spray saves time and energy due to its maximum spray action





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